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About Us

About us

The company was founded on the 1st of June 1994. It is completely based on Estonian private capital and focuses on passenger transport and bus repair. SEBE has 605 employees and 250 buses, which annually help more than 6 million passengers to reach their destination.

Below you will find a list of key events which have helped SEBE Charter Services become what it is today.

March 1998: The company starts to offer charter services under the brand of CargoBus. At first this ment outsourcing busses to provide services.
Autumn 1998: The company purchases its first two buses
July 1999: Official formation of the enterprise Bussireisid OÜ
2000: Company opens a booking centre at Tallinn Bus Station
April 2002: The company purchases its first small 16-seat buses
November 2005: The company purchases 28-seat buses
2008: Celebration of the 10th birthday of Bussireisid OÜ. By this time the enterprise owned 15 buses
August 2010: Bussireisid OÜ becomes a part of the bus company SEBE
Spring 2011: Most of the fleet were replaced. Today, most of the buses are Mercedes-Benz type.
June 2011: SEBE participates in the Tallinn - Monte Carlo electric car race, supplying escort buses
July 2011: The purchase of a brand new 16-seat Mercedes-Benz bus
July 2011: SEBE Charter Services is the official bus partner of the European Athletics Junior Championships in Tallinn
March 2012 SEBE quality system meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard
 SEBE Charter Services was the official transport partner to Estonian Estonian Athletic Association
 2014 Timeless buses joined SEBE Charter services www.timeless.ee

SEBE Charter bus design employs a road motif – some roads are winding, some straight. The buses are painted in nacreous violet. The coulour was chosen for its suitability for both summer and winter conditions. It's also courageous and prominent.